How might we integrate the unique qualities of water and the sea for healing and restoration? #BlueCare

When you are in the ocean you can feel the power of something stronger than you, and when you get your first wave, it feels like you can do anything. – female participant in ‘Be Like Water’ program, Iran

Nature Connection

Role: Researcher and Coordinating Author

The NEAR-Health Toolkit, “Connecting with Nature for Health and Wellbeing”, aims to help people to find ways to engage with nature and improve their health and wellbeing (joint funded by EPA and HSE).

Oceans and Human Health

Role: Post-doctoral Reseach Fellow, NUIG

The Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe (SOPHIE) project has developed a research road map for the next decade of oceans and human health science across Europe. This work has been funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The Finisterre Seasuit Project

Role: Innovation, testing & community building

“From day one, this has been about a collaboration between women, to take what they love to do – surfing – and make it easier for more women to do.”
How a functional piece of surf wear aims to make surfing more accessible.

Wavemaker Collective

Role: Co-founder

An annual social impact leadership retreat: Where social innovation and creativity meet the sea.

A Lunar Cycle

Role: Writer, voice-over, performer

Award-winning short film, fusing cold water surfing, dance & poetry, ALC explores a synodic month from a female perspective. Taking us on an emotive journey through the places in-between, as we connect with ourselves and the environment around us.

NEAR-health, NUI Galway

Role: Post-doctoral research fellow, Whitaker Institute, NUIG

The Nature and Environment to Attain and Restore (NEAR) Health Project at National University of Ireland Galway aims to connect people in Ireland with blue & green nature spaces.

Into the Sea

An award-winning documentary

Role: Co-producer and presenter

Sportel Peace and Sport Award, Monaco

Pink Nose Revolution

Role: Advisor and facilitator

A powerful and innovative campaign to raise awareness about issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment, using surfing as the tool to engage local communities on-board.

Surf + Social Good Summit

Role: Co-founder

Co-creator, convener and facilitator at the world’s first Surf for Social Good Summit, an action-focused conference, using the unifying power of surfing to connect and bring about positive impact globally.


Like Water

Like Water seeks to foster positive relationships with water and the sea through immersive learning experiences and visual, creative storytelling.