How we can use the unique qualities of surfing and the sea as a tool for social change #surfsocialchange

When you are in the ocean you can feel the power of something stronger than you, and when you get your first wave, it feels like you can do anything. – female participant in ‘Be Like Water’ program, Iran

NEAR-health, NUI Galway

Role: Post-doctoral research fellow, Whitaker Institute, NUIG

The Nature and Environment to Attain and Restore (NEAR) Health Project at National University of Ireland Galway aims to connect people in Ireland with blue & green nature spaces.

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Waves of Freedom

Role: Co-founder

A voluntary-led non-profit using the power of surfing as a creative medium for positive social change and connection across cultures.

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Into the Sea

An award-winning documentary

Role: Co-producer and presenter

Sportel Peace and Sport Award, Monaco

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Pink Nose Revolution

Role: Advisor and facilitator

A powerful and innovative campaign to raise awareness about issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment, using surfing as the tool to engage local communities on-board.

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Humans of the Sea

Role: Co-founder

A storytelling project that seeks to showcase the diversity of those relationships and how we are defined/influenced by the sea and how it defines/influences us; what the sea means to us; inspiring new/better ways of living and being, and raising awareness about the importance of our ocean and coastal environments for all of humanity.

Currently being piloted in Portugal and PNG!

Sea State

Role: Associate Professor

Study abroad programs that combine unique and dynamic course instruction and community engagement with immersion in coastal communities

Course Professor, Engaged Global Citizenship, Haiti

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Surf + Social Good Summit

Role: Co-founder

Co-creator, convener and facilitator at the world’s first Surf for Social Good Summit, an action-focused conference, using the unifying power of surfing to connect and bring about positive impact globally.


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