home_easkb_by-kelley-brown_1000 Born to sea-loving parents, Ireland’s first family of surf, and called after a famous surf break on the north-west coast of Ireland. Surfing and the sea shapes who I am and what I do.

My nomadic lifestyle allows me to work, consult and collaborate with people, initiatives and organisations around the world, although I feel most at home on the wild, north-west coast of Ireland – my place to recharge and let my creativity loose, writing and painting, and surfing with my family and sea-kin.


Although she comes from a renowned surfing pedigree, it is her intellect and her quest to learn that really defines her. A scientist, an academic, never running with the masses, always forging her own path. Her curiosity and passion for fairness and gender equality are the qualities that us to her in the first place. She has been a friend of ours for a while. Having her join us on our journey as an ambassador is a huge moment and a real privilege. – Finisterre

“If you share the ocean, well then you’re completely bonded because that’s like being blood brothers or blood sisters. And Aloha is to keep giving that love and feeling it come back, until there’s nothing else you have to give.” – Rell Sunn