Women, taking back their power in the ocean

My relationship with surfing, a new power in the ocean…

It’s amazing how surfing just captures so many people and they can’t do anything about it. It gets me. It’s a sport, it’s lifestyle, its an artform. Those who do it forever are those who are wrapped up in all three. I never realized what a big impact one wave could have on my life and my surfing. I didn’t think about any of that at the time, it was all a new sensation and totally exhilarating experience for me towing into my first wave at a place as powerful and beautiful as the Cliffs. And I feel its only been made possible by the women who have gone before me, the women today who are continuing to push the limits of their being. Like Maya Gabeira at Teahupoo and Sarah Gerhardt at Mavericks. Its inspirational to see other women in their element in what for so long has been thought of as a wholly male domain. When in fact women have been charging for a very long time…since surfing began in Polynesia and legend tells how the Tahitian princess Vinehine became the first person to ride hell-wave Teahupoo. It is exciting to see a reawakening of female grace and power in all aspects of surfing