The Lady

The local Ballyshannon Film Club brought a beautiful movie to town this week…the true life and love story of Burma’s Pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Price winner Aung San Suu Kyi and her family…

Stunningly powerful, hauntingly beautiful and devastatingly sad…I’ve been following ‘Daw Suu’ since my Mum told me a woman had won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, I was 5 years old, but she couldn’t be there to receive it as the military rulers of her own country had locked her away in her house… her husband and her people trying to rescue her…it was the stuff of fairytale’s but this was real… I remember keeping a newspaper cutting of her, with beautiful jasmine flowers in her hair and painting her portrait when I was 11 with the caption;

“I could not as my father’s daughter remain indifferent.”

After nearly 20 years of house arrest, having won a landslide victory to lead her country in 1990 refused to her, and having lost her husband, unable to be with him in death, Suu Kyi was released from house arrest in November 2010 and has just won byelections by 90%, her party, the National League for Democracy winning 40 out of 45 seats, an important turning point for Burma’s democracy. However, over 600 remaining parliamentary seats are controlled by the military of their ‘civilian suits.’

“Please use your liberty to promote ours.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

And never ever give up… Real change has to come from the inside


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