The evenings are stretching and the surf is sweet :)

easkey at her local
Sun shining, long evenings, blazing sunsets, light offshore breeze and perfect swell.
Just back from the Galapagos and arrived back to my flat in Portrush in the snow! The sea was a grey, freezing, angry mess..The Galaps seemed so far away. But the weather in Ireland is so unpredictable and the next day was clear and sunny. I knocked a few exams on the head at Uni and dashed back home friday for more surfin. I thought I’d get a ‘break’ after all the surf in the Galaps… nope, thank God!
Sharpy and Slamiroy over on our shores and scored some sweet sessions. Sharpy worshipping at the Spot mostly, Sam destroying the poor waves and me, Nicole, NY Dylan, Cotty and Fergalicious joined in the fun… I was fooled by the beautiful weather and went surfing without gloves and hood, its March and still Baltic. Nic and I practising our tube-riding skills with words of wisdom from uncle Sam… Dawnies and surfathons everyday till sunset, face-plant into bed every night, not even able for a Guinness night cap! Adapting Galapagos siestas to the Irish way of life. The art of power napping cannot be underestimated.
easkey’s secret spot