Summer Sessions

I always find this time of year exciting – a time of change and transformation and a reawakening, especially of ocean swells.  But I always wonder where the summer went!

Before it fades away here are some reflections of my summer – memories and good times to take away and revisit in the short dark days of winter…

I explored some of my own coastline this summer and went on a roadtrip to Kerry and Cork. I visited the Skellig islands which are absolutely breathtaking and humbling to see how a community of monks lived and even prospered for centuries in the heart of the raw elemental power of the Atlantic with only the Parrots of the Sea, migrant puffins, for company (or dinner!).

The climb up was serious (although the guide gave us a ‘step-by-step’ on how to climb the stairs!), with dizzying heights and over 600 steps it’s still a tough test of your faith, or fitness.

Breath deep and the view at the top is worth it all!

There were a few sneaky summer swells to be had. I’m still surprised by the gems the sea can throw up on our shores – a racy one I found on my coastal explorations – somewhere out west, beyond yonder hill, below the sky…

And a very big one – The ‘Big Wednesday’ or beautiful beast of a swell that kicked-off the summer with a major blustery bang! My first wave, towing in at Mullaghnmore with my cousin Neil.

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