Sony Ericsson Cold Water Clash

Ferg Cain Eask
1-5 Sept. It’s a contest but far from the standard comp format…The Cold Water Clash wrapped up yesterday after the ‘random pairs’ contest finished just before sunset. The planned tag team event didn’t happen as the swells died on its arse today but three of the four events were completed and now the 16 competitors have to wait until tomorrow evening when the results will be announced on the main stage of the Cois Fharraige music festival in Kilkee… At which point they’ll find out whose won the bragging rights and whose taking what state of the art Sony electronics home. The CWC was planned as a small mixed event, no separate ‘male’ or ‘female’ division. It’s been a blast, a model event, getting the best crew together, hanging out, surfing and having a laugh. We’re not even finished yet and I’m looking forward to next year…for more on the after-surf Cois Fharraige antics check out www.finsmag.com for Sharpy’s comments on all the action!
CWC Crew

Congrats to Cain Kilcullen who won the overall individual CWC award!
Other finalists:
2nd Liam Joyce
3rd Fergal Smith
4th Ollie O’Flaherty

Random Pairs:
1st Cain Kilcullen and Fergal Smith
2nd Damien Conway and Easkey Britton

Expression session: Liam Joyce

Easkey at CWC