Sample some of Easkey’s writing for online publications on the topics of ocean and human health, nature connection, mental health and wellbeing, gender and identities. Easkey is also a staff columnist for Oceanographic magazine.


Lefts and rights. North and South. Protestant and Catholic. Ambassador Easkey Britton considers the roots and values of her native home in Ireland.

Tracing invisible lines

As we embark on our Women’s Wetsuit Tester Programme, we welcome ambassador Dr Easkey Britton to discuss women in surfing.

Shaped by the Unseen

This International Women’s Day, we’re proud to be screening the award-winning documentary Into The Sea, presented and co-produced by Finisterre ambassador Easkey Britton, in both our Bristol and London stores tonight. To coincide with this International Women’s Day, Easkey announces the relaunch of her social enterprise Waves Of Freedom, and gives us a run-down on a new photo series in celebration of the newly re-branded Like Water.

World Oceans Day: Reflections

As a marine social scientist, my work is about better understanding our relationship with the sea, and how we might heal and restore it.

In Deep Water

We live on a planet in the midst of an ecological crisis of our own making, a reality that 2019 brought into sharp focus. We know what must be done. The question is, will we do it?

Our Ocean Connection

Dr. Easkey Britton is a surfer, Finisterre ambassador and marine social scientist at the National University of Ireland Galway. Her work explores the relationship between people and the sea, using her passion for the ocean to create social change and connection across cultures.

Blue Care: The healing power and potential of the deep blue sea

AS A LIFE-LONG surfer and researcher in Ocean and Human Health, I’m interested in how direct experiences with water, especially the sea, might facilitate a greater sense of connection and wellbeing.

Blue Mindfulness: How big-wave surfing has taught me to live in the moment

I can see a wave coming, building momentum and I move to position myself to match its speed so I can meet it at just the right instant. Then it comes to life, towering over me. At its apex, at the height of its speed, I catch it and ride it. It is a moment of total commitment when all that build-up and mental and physical noise and buzz stop.