Pass on the Give

After 2 cancelled flights, a near bus crash, delayed train, icy roads, a slippy walk down an icy country lane in the dark, I ended up back where I started, home! Bed never felt so good and I was glad just to be back in one piece.

Travel chaos in Dublin – big queues stretching round the block for the Luas

Train station 2 feet under

I was so excited to get to Brussels and meet the women in fisheries at the EU Parliament but not to be. It turns out Brussels airport was pretty nasty with the weather too.

When events are totally out of your control like they were yesterday it almost became calming, liberating, to surrender to it completely and not get stressed out and frustrated.

Also there’s something about shared suffering, when you’re all in the same boat it brings out people’s humanity and everyone seemed to be doing their best for each other. Bewley’s airport hotel were especially amazing – thanks for the  extra hours in my room, brekkie, coffee and wifi!

I was pretty shocked by how many people were on the streets in those extreme, harsh conditions. Mostly young Irish people, not much older than me, some younger, who looked like they didn’t know what hit them. My heart broke in two walking through the icy sludge across the ha’penny bridge to Temple Bar. I saw the remains of a soggy cardboard box on the ground. Then I spotted a young man in front of me carry a clean, dry, flattened cardboard box. He stopped and put it down on top of the remains of his last one and sat there, paper cup in his hand, staring into the distance. Is this Ireland’s legacy? Young people like you and me who should be ready to take on the world, follow their dreams and bring the country into a new and better age. But instead they sit there, no one caring, forgotten, everyone walking by in shame or ignorance.

There is hope with the incredible people who do incredible work for these charities, help support/donate/volunteer/fundraise these guys:




And any others doing hands-on work on the ground for people who need it most.

Lets help each other out and do something more meaningful this Christmas. I say ‘Pass on the Give’ no matter how big or small.