Na dtonnta ag éirí

The ocean erupts –  a gold rush of waves – the Atlantic is very much awake. Weeks of terrible beauty and power, aching limbs, sometimes feeling like you are running on adrenaline, stoke and air alone.

This image is from a good few years ago – but pretty much sums up the stoke I’ve been feeling…

You also know when the surf has been pumping, I write a lot less, no time for blogging only time for absorbing waves, recharging batteries and back out for more.

Here’s a little taster of what my fave local big wave spot, ‘Mullghmore’ offered up to me this month…

(image NC Britton) My little pink head is there somewhere, baptising my new pink tow board…!

On a ‘beautiful beast’ at Ireland’s first Big Wave Invitational, ‘Tow in Surf Session’ at Mullaghmore Head.

A short clip my sister took of the action through all the sea spray and mist:


These swells have been all over the internet the last few days/weeks so if you somehow missed it all and want to know more check out these links:

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