Motiv8 Ambassador

I’m very proud to say that Motiv8 have asked me to be their newest Ambassador. Motiv8 is Ireland’s leading performance company specialising in team development, mental training, leadership and physical conditioning.

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Company Overview:

In his inauguration speech Barack Obama said:

“There is nothing so satisfying to our spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.”

We at Motiv8 fully believe this is true in life, in business, education and sport. We believe that you find out much more about your self or your team in adversity than you do when things are easy, we believe that the best athlethes and sports people and the best business people are now becoming stronger and fitter.

“We motiv8 you, inspire you and coach you to higher performance in business, sport, education and life.”

Motiv8 are hunters of excellence! We seek out and search for leading men and women in business, sport and life. Motiv8 strives to discover what makes them successful, to identify their strenghts and their success strategies. Most importantly Motiv8 studies and learns from their success traits so that we can become better at coaching you towards your potential.

Motiv8 aims to make a genuine difference to you and your performance. In the past year we have coached and trained teams in profesional sport to considerable success. Motiv8 has worked with several international athletes and sports players who have excelled on and off the sports pitch. We never claim to be the only reason that our clients succeed, however we firmly believe that we can open the door to you achieving your potential.

We are very proud to have made a significant difference to many business teams in this tough economic climate. We are proud to have helped engineer a culture of positivity, of full engagement, of real team work and a culture of excellence in these business teams.

Mission: Our Mission is Your Potential
Products: Performance Excellence