Mirrors of the Unseen

Remembering and reliving my time in Iran, reading a great book by Jason Elliot, reminding me how my first day in Iran stripped me of all assumptions  too. Reading Hafez’s poetry who speaks of love, wine and the divine, transported back to the city of Shiraz and to his tomb, a beautiful memorial to poetry and love called ‘Aramgah’ meaning place of rest…

Last night, the wind brought wind of one I love who’d gone away.

I too shall yield my heart unto the wind, now. Come what may.

At length my love has come to this: I can confide in none
but blazing lightnings every night and dawn winds every day.

My weakened being leaked out through my fingertips till dawn,
whose wind blew hope of you, and brought the life back to my day.


Your spirit of good will, Hafiz, will earn you what you yearn for.
When good-willed men cry out, all souls are ransomed to obey.