Britton Girls making history
It’s all about style! L-R Easkey, Naomi, Una and Tahlia

The surf was small but clean and fun longboard waves for this year’s Rossnowlagh Intercounties. I always looked forward to this event, not just because of the mad craic, rocking music and crazy crowd surfing in the Surfers Bar on Saturday night but because its a fun competition. It’s last event on the surf calendar where everyone gets to gether and competes in a unique team format – county against county, girls against boys, groms against veterans or ‘youth and skill versus age and treachery’!

This year I decided to get all the cousins together to create a Donegal Ladies team. Me, Naomi, Tahlia and 10 year old Una. Unfortunately the longboard Queen herself, my sister Beckey-Finn had to run Neil’s shop and school for him while he ran the event so us short-boarders had our work cut out for us in the small conditions.

But with the sun shining and all the craic in the water, each team trying to psyche the other one out and lots of hooting and cheering team mates there was no pressure and we found ourselves in the semi-finals at the end of the day. We were narrowly beaten by 1 point but finished 3rd overall.

It wasn’t until after, talking to my uncle that I realised the significance of the day – At the very first Intercounties, started by Grandfather, ‘The Boss’ in 1968 the four Britton brothers competed in the first Donegal team. And this year a daughter of each of the brothers competed in the Donegal Ladies team.

Surfing, it must be in the blood!