Bath Time

I spent my first evening in Bath wandering around it’s easily navigated maze of cobblestone streets, marvelling at the beauty of every building. I prefer wild places, getting lost in nature. I’m not a city girl. But this place is different, my heart ached a little watching the river Avon flow beneath Pulteney bridge lit up at night.

my favourite Bath landmark

I never realised how architecture could move me the same way as nature until now.

Golden lines of perfection at the Royal Crescent

The technical perfection of smooth lines mixed with crazy sculptures of beasts, Gods and demons.


Layers of history preserved in the Roman Baths.

Easkey hanging with the locals

Goddess Minerva

The new Thermae Bath spa, heated by the same natural hot springs the Romans tapped into in the 1st century AD, after the Celts before them.

Rooftop Bath spa at night

I was in Bath for a week doing a course on Wellbeing Assessment in Public Policy and Practice at the University of Bath. it was a super intensive week learning about how wellbeing could be measured, interviewing students, designing surveys on students subjective wellbeing, typing transcripts, analysing data, preparing presentations into the wee hours of the morning.

Wellbeing Girls!

It was great to be able to share the experience of my PhD with such a great group of people from all over the world; Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Nepal, Canada, UK and Ireland…A real learning through interacting with others.

wellbeing ‘shaka’!