Animal Pro surfer Easkey Britton on the big screen

Animal pro surfer Easkey will be on screen at a cinema near you from Friday, April 3rd, starring alongside big names like Kelly Slater and the Malloy brothers, in award-winning Irish surf movie Waveriders.
Easkey tows Aileens

Waveriders is 5 years in the making and documents Irish surfing and it’s contribution to the worldwide surfing phenomenom of big wave surfing with spots like Aileens on the west coast of Ireland, as well as other little known world-class gems on the Emerald Isle.

Easkey takes on one of the world’s most spectacular big-wave spots, Aileens, becoming the first woman to ever surf the spot and towing in alongside surfing legends from the world of big wave surfing to make surfing history. this is definitely one not to miss.

Easkey said, Being a part of a film like Waveriders, documenting Irish surf history was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. with my family the pioneers of Irish surfing since the 1960’s it was great to be able to get involved. Surfing at the Cliffs of Moher for the first time was a little scary, and also one of the biggest rushes of my life! And now I’ve got a taste for more.


“Waveriders effortless portrays surfing’s spirit of adventure and community, making the film as much about nature, in both the human and geographical context, asit is about the sport. Conroy creates a genuine desire to throw on a duffle coat and run for the blissfully unspoilt Irish coasts. As Slater comments, ‘Ireland’s a rather cold paradise.’ ” -Huck magazine

for more info: www.waveridersthefilm.com

Images: Bernard Testamale, Ken ‘O’Sullivan and Lucia Griggi