A cure for wave lust

Where the mountains meet the sea.

Discovered a hidden gem, a new secret spot.  Discovered how simply being in nature is enough to cure my ‘wave greed.’ At the foot of Slieve Donard where the Mourne Mountains meet the turquoise blue Irish Sea and an icy, crystal clear stream cascades under the ‘bloody bridge’ released from the confines of it’s narrow valley, spilling over huge creamy-golden boulders rolled down from the mountainside, in a rush to meet the sea. Gurgling happily, an easy, refreshing rush. Free. Beautiful. Basking in the ‘just is-ness’ of it all. My mind soothed. My heart calm. Echoing the deep stillness of the dark plunge pool.

It’s as if I am the only one in all the world who is witness to this, to nature’s playground. And I guess in that moment I was.

A pocket of beauty tucked away. Running water, cool refreshing elixir for my tired mind and weary heart. An imperceptible shift. As if all is right with the world again. The feeling I am right where I’m meant to be.

It’s still early for daisies but the gorse bushes are turning yellow and smelling faintly of coconut.

Lost in vastness. Where the mountains meet the sea.

Last light on a wild, waveless day…